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Monday Markets – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is a well-established semi-pro market for, well, Heroic Fantasy short fiction and poetry, reading four months a year (they’re closing end of July but open again in September):

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is an ezine dedicated to publishing short works of heroic fantasy. More than that, through both prose and poetry we hope to hearken back to an older age of storytelling — an age when a story well told enthralled audiences. Traits of great oral storytelling survive the ages to influence treasures of literature, the pulps, radio plays, late-night game sessions, and now Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

Our favorite storytellers, a few ancient and a few not, deliver action, reaction, and repercussion — and rarely divulge the thought processes that guide a character. These storytellers know that sometimes an audience just wants to see what happens next, that sometimes it’s more interesting to watch a person open a box than to hear about why he or she decided to open it in the first place.  

They’re paying $100 for fiction upto 10,000 words and $25 for poetry.

Check the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/heroic-fantasy-quarterly/heroic-fantasy-quarterly

Monday Markets – The 2016 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize – Sept 2, 2016

And here you thought I’d missed a week. Well, I’ll have you know it’s still mostly Monday in the rest of the world. Benefits of living in the future (aka Australia)!

Island and The Hobart Bookshop are presenting the 2016 Gwen Harwood Poetry prize, which is for a single poem or linked poems totalling no more than 80 lines per submission. As with most of these kinds of prizes the entry fee is quite steep. However, the first prize is a significant chunk of money:

First Prize
$2000 + publication in Island + annual domestic subscriptions* to Island, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Overland, Review of Australian Fiction, Southerly, Westerly and The Lifted Brow.

Second Prize
Publication in Island + annual domestic subscriptions* to Island, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Overland, Review of Australian Fiction, Southerly, Westerly and The Lifted Brow.

Entry is $20 for non-Island subscribers and $10 for existing subscribers. The competition closes September 2. Get poeting!

Literarium link is here: https://literarium.net/market/island/the-2016-gwen-harwood-poetry-prize/

Monday Markets – Outlook Springs (via @outlooksprings)

Outlook Springs is a literary magazine open to fiction, non-fiction and poetry limned with genre:

 Our emphasis is literary fiction: “the human heart in conflict with itself,” as Faulkner famously said. But we aren’t biased against genre. To the contrary! Experimental, science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, magical realism, minimalist, maximalist, flash, etc., etc., are all welcome into our home, so long as there is an emphasis on character and language rather than on cleverness and conceit. Let us reiterate: character and language are important. We want sentences radioactive with the bizarre, the beautiful, the ugly—the world as only you see it. Surprise us. Break our hearts. Humor is always a plus. Humor and heartbreak together? Oh, boy. That’s a dream come true. Outlook Springs isn’t looking for merely competent stories—stories that are technically proficient but emotionally cold. Zap us with life..

They’re after short fiction and non-fiction up to 7,500 words, and accept up to 5 poems. Payment is a token $25 USD for fiction and $10 USD for poetry.

The Literarium market listing is here: https://literarium.net/market/outlook-springs/outlook-springs

Bonus points: Until the 27th of June there is also a special queue jumping event for women authors:


Monday Markets – subTerrain

Note: SubTerrain has just started charging submission fees, which is always a bummer:

subTerrain magazine is published 3 times a year from modest offices just off of Main Street in Vancouver, BC. We strive to produce a stimulating fusion of fiction, poetry, photography and graphic illustration from uprising Canadian, U.S. & International writers and artists.

If you crave provocative art & writing in your life, then get yourself a subscription to this sometimes SUBCONSCIOUS, often in-SUBORDINATE, but never SUBMISSIVE literary magazine.

On the bright side, they accept multiple submissions across categories! Up to 3 fiction pieces of 3,000 words each, up to 5 poems, and up to two articles (4,000 words). Payment is $50 CAD per poem or $50 per printed page (in Literarium we call a page 350 words, but there’s no real way to map that to an issue’s real printed page, sadly.

The Literarium market listing is here: https://literarium.net/market/subterrain/subterrain

Monday Markets – Cunjunctions Issue 67 – Other Aliens – Aug 2016

Conjunctions is reading for Issue 67, Other Aliens, until the middle of August:

We are now accepting submissions for our [Fall 2016 issue], a collection of works of literary science and speculative fiction: innovative short stories, poetry, and essays that explore the vast precincts of unfamiliarity, of keen difference, of weirdness and not belonging. Who or what is an alien? Someone or something simply unknown to us, a being manifest from an incomprehensible territory? From the depths of the ocean, the deeps of space, an unmapped land far from home? Does otherness emerge from physical displacement, or psychic and spiritual displacement, or does it emerge from other sources? Must difference inevitably provoke fear and mistrust or does it sometimes elicit curiosity instead, firing the drive to explore and understand and even love? “Alien” is a powerful and flexible word. Aliens are Other, aliens are the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, aliens are traditional literary figures who, when we witness our “normal” lives through their strangers’ eyes (think Frankenstein), cause us to see ourselves anew. Indeed, we become the unfamiliar ones.

They are looking for fiction and poetry with no specified length, and mention that they pay… Sadly, that’s all they mention; payment information is notoriously difficult to get for literary magazines. To boot, for US writers, this magazine is ‘hard copy only’, which is certainly a, let’s say, ‘traditional’ approach. On the bright side, the site says to email (conjunctions@bard.edu) for submissions from outside the US.

Check out the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/conjunctions/conjunctions

Monday Markets – Over the Rainbow, Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins – 31 Aug, 2016

Over the Rainbow looks like a fantastic anthology, but be aware that it is open only to Canadian Citizens and residents. I’ve noticed a lot of Canadian markets have a requirement like this, which I believe ties into Arts funding constraints:

All writers must be Canadian citizens (living in Canada and/or paying taxes in Canada) and permanent residents of Canada

If you meet those criteria though, it looks good:

Fairy tales are often about the encounter with the strange, fantastic, and otherworldly. They are frequently used as texts of warning, inspiring conformity by telling people what they shouldn’t do. We want to explore the power of fairy tales as texts of resistance, as ways of speaking back to those power structures that try to get us to conform. Over the Rainbow will be an anthology that explores the power of fairy tales to introduce the under-represented. We encourage authors to explore Queer (LGBTIA2 and QUILTBAG) stories, tales of people with disabilities, tales of mental health, poly relationships, and bodily diversity. Our hope is to use fairy tales to smash tradition and reshape it with (dis)enchantment. Over the Rainbow seeks to bring readers into the woods where transformations and new beginnings can happen. We hope to play with traditional fairy tale tropes in unconventional ways, offering a shattered mirror image of our world and our imagination.

They’re after all (speculative) genres on the theme, and paying 0.05 Canadian cents per Word for 2,000 and 5,000 Words, as well as a contributor copy. You have until August 31st to get your submission in!

Literarium link is here: https://literarium.net/market/exile-editions/over-the-rainbow-folk-and-fairy-tales-from-the-margins

Monday Markets – Deep Magic

Deep Magic has been around for a while:

[W]e aim to be the dominant magazine for clean fantasy and sci-fi stories. It’s our tag-line. If you can tell a gripping story that doesn’t rely on sex, swearing, and graphic violence—you’ve come to the right place. If not, there are plenty of other magazines and venues out there. Move along. Move along (Jedi hand wave) Deep Magic is a bi-monthly electronic magazine that publishes clean short fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

They’re paying UDS 6-8c/word up to 16,000 words, and then a flat rate from 16,000 to 40,000 words after that. They also pay a smaller rate of 2c/word for reprints.

Check out the Literarium market listing here: https://literarium.net/market/deep-magic/deep-magic