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Monday Markets – Humans Wanted Anthology – 31 Dec, 2016 (via @VivianCaethe)

Vivian Caethe is taking preorders for a new SF anthology, “Humans Wanted”, and she just opened to submissions for the project via Kickstarter. Her profile says, “When not fighting crime or tinkering with Tarot spreads, Vivian Caethe writes weird fiction, science fiction, fantasy, quirky nonfiction and everything in between.” Sounds like a healthy spread of skills and interests to me. From the Kickstarter page:

I am looking for stories that show diverse humanity in a positive light, as useful contributors to the universe. I want humans who build relationships and forge new paths, not humans that destroy or devastate those they meet. Submit stories with strong characters in positive stories that portray humans as useful and generally helpful to the universe. Diversity is encouraged. Any type of science fiction is acceptable (whether it be “hard” or “soft,” “space opera” or “near-future” etc.). Keep your story PG-13 so many readers can enjoy the anthology. Writers of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to submit.

Vivian is paying $250 for pieces between 3,000-6,000 on the topic. Subs in by end of 2016, so get writing.

Check the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/vivian-caethe/humans-wanted

Monday Markets – Secrets of the Goat People – Aug 6, 2016 (via @womenoncomics)

Women Write About Comics is launching their first zine and there are a few days left to submit (women & non-binary only market, sorry dudes):

Calling all nerdy, outspoken, thoughtful, quirky women and non-binary writers, illustrators, and comic artists! Women Write About Comics is launching its first zine, Secrets of the Goat People, and we want YOU. WWAC was founded in part to promote and publish the voices of women and non-binary writers, those of us who have been marginalized, unheard and unseen, within the geek industry. That’s why the theme we’ve chosen is simply: Voice. We want to hear you. And we want to amplify your voice.

They’re accepting flash, short fiction, illustrations and mid-length comics, and paying pro-rates, so get your submissions in. You only have until the 6th of August tho, so get digging (sorry, I only found out about it today)

Check out the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/women-write-about-comics/secrets-of-the-goat-people/

Monday Markets – Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2016 – 31 Dec, 2016 (via @12thPlanetPress)

Editor’s note: So Real Life Job was super busy and I’ve been reviewing Literarium Markets and so was a little delayed in finding a good Monday Market to post. But I have one nonetheless:

A simple reminder that Twelfth Planet Press is reading for Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2016 (that means send them your reprints):

We are looking for the best young adult short stories of 2016 in the speculative fiction genre to bring them together in one accessible collection. What is YA? We define the Young Adult arena of speculative fiction as being multi-faceted. All the stories we choose feature teens, but it’s not just about the age of the protagonist; it’s not just about the generally accepted “coming of age” story; it’s not just stories about young people and the (figurative or literal) journey they are on in life. We’re not afraid of stories that shine a dark light on human nature, if it is relevant to the YA theme being explored. We aren’t scared of things that go bump in the night. We want science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all of the subgenres associated with these. We want to explore diversity in all forms, because young people are diverse, and they want to see themselves and their friends in the stories they read.   

There’s no mention of payment, but there will be some sort of payment I’m sure. If in doubt, shoot them an email, they’re good people.

Check the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/twelfth-planet-press/year-s-best-ya-speculative-fiction-2016

Monday Markets – Crimewave Magazine

TTA Press, publishers of Interzone and Black Static also publish Crimewave, a magazine for Crime and Mystery fiction:

Crimewave has never failed to garner anything but rave reviews. Many of its stories have earned reprints in Year’s Best anthologies of various genres, and some have won prestigious awards such as the CWA Short Story Dagger.


Please make sure you’re familiar with what we publish – this isn’t the place for police procedurals, locked room mysteries, etc.

They’re looking for fiction up to 10,000 words, and presumably pay pro rates, but unfortunately don’t advertise their rates.

Literarium link is here: https://literarium.net/market/tta-press/crimewave

Monday Markets – Behind the Mask, Sep 15, 2016 (HT: @_lexifab)

Look, it’s still Monday in the United States, which is where this anthology is based…

Meerkat Press is looking for super hero fiction for a new anthology:

Behind the Mask (working title) is our next themed anthology and it’s all about superheroes! But not how they saved the world this time. We’re more interested in the ordinary day-to-day challenges facing these extraordinary individuals: growing up, growing old, relationships, career struggles, parenting. How they cope with that age-old desire to fit in when, let’s face it, they don’t. We want superhero stories with originality, diversity, and strong character development that celebrate the genre but manage to push its boundaries as well. Fun, quirky, serious, happy, sad: any tone will do, and we plan to have a nice variety. But bring us something fresh and relevant to this crazy world we live in today.


They are are paying between 2-8 US c per word for 3,000 to 6,000 word stories. Get your subs in by the midle of September! Notably they do accept simultaneous submissions.

Check out the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/meerkat-press/behind-the-mask

Monday Markets – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is a well-established semi-pro market for, well, Heroic Fantasy short fiction and poetry, reading four months a year (they’re closing end of July but open again in September):

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is an ezine dedicated to publishing short works of heroic fantasy. More than that, through both prose and poetry we hope to hearken back to an older age of storytelling — an age when a story well told enthralled audiences. Traits of great oral storytelling survive the ages to influence treasures of literature, the pulps, radio plays, late-night game sessions, and now Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

Our favorite storytellers, a few ancient and a few not, deliver action, reaction, and repercussion — and rarely divulge the thought processes that guide a character. These storytellers know that sometimes an audience just wants to see what happens next, that sometimes it’s more interesting to watch a person open a box than to hear about why he or she decided to open it in the first place.  

They’re paying $100 for fiction upto 10,000 words and $25 for poetry.

Check the listing here: https://literarium.net/market/heroic-fantasy-quarterly/heroic-fantasy-quarterly

Monday Markets – The 2016 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize – Sept 2, 2016

And here you thought I’d missed a week. Well, I’ll have you know it’s still mostly Monday in the rest of the world. Benefits of living in the future (aka Australia)!

Island and The Hobart Bookshop are presenting the 2016 Gwen Harwood Poetry prize, which is for a single poem or linked poems totalling no more than 80 lines per submission. As with most of these kinds of prizes the entry fee is quite steep. However, the first prize is a significant chunk of money:

First Prize
$2000 + publication in Island + annual domestic subscriptions* to Island, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Overland, Review of Australian Fiction, Southerly, Westerly and The Lifted Brow.

Second Prize
Publication in Island + annual domestic subscriptions* to Island, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Overland, Review of Australian Fiction, Southerly, Westerly and The Lifted Brow.

Entry is $20 for non-Island subscribers and $10 for existing subscribers. The competition closes September 2. Get poeting!

Literarium link is here: https://literarium.net/market/island/the-2016-gwen-harwood-poetry-prize/