Monday Markets – The Lifted Brow – Medicine – July 1, 2014 (via @theliftedbrow, HT: @tinyowlworkshop)

The Lifted Brow is open:

Our fourth print issue of the year is themed ‘Medicine’. Yep — we want all your words and visuals that have to do with health, caring, illness, etc. Be creative! Think laterally. Also be serious if you want: seriousity will be viewed as favourably as unseriousity. Be gory, be graphic, be gentle: just whatever you do, don’t be guarded.

We’re especially after two kinds of contributors for the Medicine Issue: excellent writers and artists tackling an issue related to medicine; and people who work in the medical industry.

Their guidelines for fiction are pretty broad, ranging from 100 words to 10,000 or more. They also have a very detailed style guide that you should read lest you make an en/em dash or hyphen faux pas.

Deadline is July 1, 2014, so get writing:


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