Monday Markets – Fiction Vale Magazine Episode 5 – June 15, 2014 (via @fictionvale)

Fiction Vale magazine is open to submissions for its 5th episode! This time they are looking for Fantasy/Mystery mash ups:

This time, we’re cramming together Fantasy (of any flavor) with Mystery/Suspense. As always, you can write straight to the genre or smoosh them together.

They’re looking for genre matching the episode’s theme up to 5000 words, including flash (<1000 words) and micro-fiction (<100 words). Fiction Vale pays a respectable 2 cents per word.

We look for well-written genre fiction to fill our valley with story! Most episodes will pair two genres, sometimes similar ones, sometimes distinctly different ones, so we are open to all types of popular fiction. Because each episode features eight or so stories of two genres, we will put out a call for those genres first, but we will accept other genres as well, for future episodes.

Check out the full guidelines here:


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