What Happens After Medicine Finds a Way to Fight the Zombie Outbreak (via @io9)

It’s Friday, so the rules on what to post are a little looser. Hell, since I make the rules myself I suppose they are always precisely as loose as I like them. I’m basically Gandalf, folks.

This post is more of an idea-generating thing, a ‘let’s think about [in this case, zombies] from a different perspective’. I think it’s helpful from time to time to grab a well-worn idea and just hold it up in a new light to see if any new facets have been worn in.

In this case, it’s a little prequel trailer for a new movie. It asks ‘how do we deal with rebuilding the world after a zombie apocalypse?’

Watch it here: http://io9.com/what-happens-after-medicine-finds-a-way-to-fight-the-zo-1507654586


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