Monday Markets – The Unfettered Folio – April 14, 2014 (via @tinyowlworkshop)

Tiny Owl Workshop and the 7th World are producing a beautiful anthology based around 10 images by Terry Whidborne:

Take a good look at the 10 fabulous Unfettered illustrations by Terry Whidborne, then choose one you’d like to use as a prompt or otherwise as part of your story.

That’s it! Stories must be between 1,500 and 2,500 words and in any style or genre, although the supplied source imagery is fantastical and weird bent (I personally am a fan of Black Sunflowers). You can send multiple stories, as long as they relate to one of the Unfettered illustrations.

Pay is an exceptional $300 AUD per submission, and 10% of profits will be split among the authors. Submissions are due by April 14, and all submissions will be processed by June.

Check out the amazing imagery here:

And submissions guidelines here:


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