3 Excuses That Squander Your Talent (via @pro_editor, HT: @DebraEve)

Sound like any writer you know?

You know the routine: you sit down to write and surf the internet instead. Or maybe you wash the dishes, walk the dog (my personal favorite), edit just once more, or do any of a myriad activities that keep you from writing.

The folks at Pro Editing Services delve into their top three identified excuses:

  • I’m Too Busy to Write
  • I Don’t Know What To Write
  • It Isn’t Right Yet

If these sound familiar (and of course they do), then click through and read how to shoot these elephants in the proverbial face.

Original here: http://www.proeditingservices.ca/writers-are-you-using-these-3-excuses-that-squander-your-talent/


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