Truth Hurts but Writers Must Not Flinch (via @woodwardkaren, HT: @writerscentreau)

I’m a little behind on posts this week, as we roll towards the final stages of the imminent alpha launch of Literarium. Yes, it’s been too long, but that’s the nature of doing many projects at the same time as a day job. I can report that I’m personally already getting a good virtual kick-in-the-pants from my organiser list and dashboard views. Handy to record a rejection and immediately mark the project for revision.

Enfin, Karen Woodward collects some information about how we as writers need to bite down and punish our characters just a little. She touches on three points, ‘hook’, ‘plot’ and ‘conflict & character = suspense’.

In order to create suspense, the readers’ expectations must be both met and undermined. What we are talking about here is shameless manipulation. You are telling people lies in order to get the response you want.

Check it out here:


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