Why Stories with Diversity Don’t Need to be About Being Different (via @visfic, HT: RayneHall)

Good words from Visibility Fiction:

Once upon a time literature was overwhelmed by straight, white, able men and occasionally women. In response, a diverse and inclusive culture had to break through the barrier of expectation. We had to come out, explode forth, and express ourselves as the new freak nation. Fighting to find a place in culture, we had to announce our difference, explain, re-explain and declare our right to be different and a part of the culture all too keen to place us in tidy boxes neatly out of sight.


But times change. People know now: We’re here, some of us a queer, we’re all a little ‘different’, but none of us are going away. Instead of writing ourselves into boxes to declare our existence, it’s time we write ourselves out of boxes. Better yet, let’s do away with the boxes altogether. Instead of writing within expectation, we have to change the expectation.

Read on to get some more insight: http://visibilityfiction.com/why-stories-with-diversity-dont-need-to-be-about-being-different/


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