What Writers Can Learn From Dan Brown’s Inferno (via @thecreativepenn)

I made fun of Dan Brown a bit last week, but by all accounts he’s a lovely fellow, so today is a more constructive piece about Dan’s latest work, by the ever-helpful Joanna Penn. She covers the book (sans spoilers) in three sections:

  1. Write what you love and don’t get trapped into expectations
  2. Book title, marketing and theme need to resonate
  3. Don’t confuse the reader

I think Joanna really nails it in that first section when she says:

Inferno might satisfy the expectations of the publisher, and some fans for another Langdon book. But in reading it, I felt like Dan Brown did not have a fun time writing it, and in fact, he would rather be writing techno-thrillers.

This reflects the experience that Kim Wilkins shared at the recent launch of her book Year of Ancient Ghosts (Ticonderoga Press). She said that she’d become stuck in the role of writing profitable romances as Kimberley Freeman, but she yearned to be able to write something that she wanted to write just for herself.

Anyway, read Joanna’s full article here for some tips on what she thinks went awry: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2013/05/18/dan-brown-inferno/


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