Monday Markets – Wings – July 25, 2013 (via @innsmouthpress, HT: @silvamg)

This sounds like a great anthology, and the recently revealed cover art is gorgeous.

This October, we will have a special themed issue and we need your submissions. The theme is “Wings.” Why wings? “Pigeons from Hell.””The Birds”. “The Raven.” These are only a few tales that have included disquieting winged entities. We want to continue the tradition.

From birds to bats, and Mi-Go to the Mothman, we are looking for short stories, flash fiction, and poetry that flaps and terrifies. Stories should adhere to the general guidelines set by Innsmouth Magazine (See here for word count max, pay rates and the like). We want Weird fiction, we want odd and disquieting tales, we want beauty and grotesqueries.

They pay 1c CAD for short stories from 1,300 to 5,000 words. This issue will also accept unsolicited poetry at $10 a poem.

More details here:


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