Book Publishing Goes Looking for S&M (via @publisherswkly)

I’m not generally a fan of writing to what’s popular regardless of your own preferences, since writing should be fun, but I totally understand the desire to strike it rich on a trend:

With more than 20 million copies sold in four months in the U.S., the erotic Fifty Shades trilogy seems to be giving mouth-to-mouth to the barely breathing book industry—and slipping in some tongue for good measure. The series accounted for one in five adult print books sold this spring, so it makes sense that publishers are scrambling to reproduce its success.

It’s interesting to see how established publishers of erotica are nonetheless adjusting their marketing to capture the overflow of readers looking for life after Fifty Shades:

“I’m excited to see the spillover effect this wave will have,” says Philip Budnick, editorial director of Plume. “Will we now see a mainstream demand for gay erotica, African-American erotica? Will other authors who don’t usually write erotica want to try it out? We are exploring all options.”

Read it here:


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