Ten Home Truths About Starting In Self-publishing (via @pattyjansen)

Patty Jansen is an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy author, and a member of the SFWA. She also has a number of self-published work available online, and shares her experiences in self-publishing over the last twelve months:

This month marks my one-year anniversary at Smashwords. I started with His Name In Lights, which had been published previously, and now have sixteen items up, ranging from hard SF to non-fiction to fantasy. Short stories, novellas and novels.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the process shared here for the beginning self-publishing writer.

As usual, I’ll force you to click through to get the details, but some of the points Patty elaborates are different from the common self-publishing wisdoms of ‘write well’ and ‘make sure you have a good cover’, notably:

  • Don’t go overboard with expenses – make your writing self-sustaining
  • Paid advertising does not work

And this is an important statement in light of the often heated debates about traditional publishing and self-publishing:

Don’t forget to keep submitting your work to traditional publishers. Having published in both ways can reinforce your name. There is no need to be snobby about ‘the publishing industry’. Unless you know a lot about it, and can demonstrate that knowledge, you’ll just end up looking like a dick.

Read it all here: http://pattyjansen.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/ten-home-truths-about-starting-in-self-publishing/


3 thoughts on “Ten Home Truths About Starting In Self-publishing (via @pattyjansen)

  1. Thanks, Tom. As this is the one-year anniversary month, I’ll write a few more rather blunt comments, specifically on the advice to get your work ‘editied’ (quotes deliberate and sarcastic).

    • I thought that typo was deliberate! There are plenty of semi- and sub-professionals in the editing business out for a quick buck.

      Looking forward to your other posts. Self-publishing is full of often conflicting stories, so the more first hand accounts the better, in my opinion.

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