The Sky is Falling! (and a rebuttal from @jakonrath)

I try to remain mostly impartial on this blog but sometimes there are loud articles on the internet that are wrong; these are generally individuals who ‘have lots of friends who are writers and they’re all quitting’, or others who don’t believe we are in the golden age of writing (at Literarium we believe we are).

One such doomsday prediction was posted to the Guardian recently by Ewan Morrison (you can find the original here:

Ewan Morrison is so incredibly wrong about his fearmongering that Joe Konrath rebutted his article in a long-ish post so that I don’t have to. Thanks Joe!

In a nutshell:

Ewan: art is doomed because everything is free; soon, there will be no more creativity IN THE UNIVERSE!

Joe: Ewan is full of crap, and here’s why.

Please read Joe’s rebuttal here, but do check out the original article too.


2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling! (and a rebuttal from @jakonrath)

  1. Yes, I was hoping someone would post a rebuttal.

    I wanted to go back and look at the history of storytelling. I didn’t have time (because I’m writing!) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a paid gig.

    Ewan’s argument works on the basis that people are only creative when they’re getting paid for it.

    You could argue that things are going to actually get better because people who are just trying to make money out of writing are going to quit.

    • Yes. I often ask people who are upset by threat of piracy, ‘If you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would never ever receive a cent of monetary reward for any story you ever write, would you stop writing?’

      If the answer is yes, then good for them. But I don’t know any creative people who could stop being creative just because they couldn’t make a living doing it. In fact I don’t actually know (m)any writers who make a decent living writing…

      But then again, that whole argument is moot: we don’t live in that world; we live in a world where MANY writers get paid to write, and many more get paid every day. So yeah, Ewan’s argument is really narrow minded, in my ENTIRELY PERSONAL opinion.

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