Monday Markets – 49th Parallels Anthology – Feb 14, 2017

Bundoran Press is reading for a new science fiction anthology soon:

Stories must be set in Canada or involve Canada and Canadians as the principal subject operating in the larger world (or beyond). Stories may be historical (back to 1867) or futuristic, but whatever creates the alternative past or possible future must take place prior to 2017. The causal factor may be scientific, technological or as a result of major political or social change. We look forward to seeing how both Canadian and non-Canadian writers explore this question.

They are going to run a crowdfunding campaign, the result of which (post November 30) will determine the payrates. We’re looking at 1,500 to 7,000 word stories, and a limited number of < 100 line poems.

Check out the listing here:

Monday Markets – Principia Ponderosa Anthology – 31st Dec, 2016

Third Flatiron is open to submissions for their next anthology, Principia Ponderosa:

Weird Western/Steampunk. Dreadnaughts, “Wild West” world, cowboys and aliens, Victorian era, primitive post-Apocalypse, retro-futuristic inventions, and the like. Remember Oscar Wilde’s inspirational visit to Colorado?

They’re paying UDS 6c/word for 1,500 to 3,000 words, as well as flash fiction  under 1,000 words.

Check out the Literarium market listing here:

Monday Markets – Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of SF – Dec 1, 2016 (via @museum_scifi)

The Museum of Science Fiction has successfully kickstarted their first anthology, ‘Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers: Women of SF’:

We are looking for short science fiction that celebrate women with agency in science fiction. We want to see stories about women who take initiative, who take matters into their own hands, who can make changes. Women with agency includes catalysts who spark changes and challenge societal norms, explorers hunting for something different, and secret keepers operating behind the scenes. To be clear, we’re not just looking for stories about women who kick butt or standard trope reversals, and we are still interested in stories that pay homage to classic works.

They’re paying $0.06 USD for fiction from 2,000 to 5,000 words. There are only a few weeks left but this sounds pretty cool. Submissions are not restricted to female authors only.

Check the listing here:

Monday Markets – The Westbury Faery – Feb 28, 2017 (via @WorldFaerySoc)

The secretive World Faery Society is finally calling for assistance in investigating, categorising, studying and/or disproving the existence of the Westbury Faery in a new eponymous world-building project:

From its earliest beginnings, the closed society has amassed what is considered to be the largest and most definitive collection of evidence to support the existence of faeries. Through the ages, the WFS has quietly endured on the strength of a single leading member. Today, that leader is Arthur Beck. You may wonder why Prof. Beck has chosen to expose the WFS at this time. Rest assured, he did not make the decision lightly. He broke the silence because he desperately needs your help to investigate The Westbury Faery. Is this faery real, and if so, who is she and what is her story? With your help in answering these questions, Prof. Beck and the WFS may finally be able to prove that faeries truly do exist. The World Faery Society needs your help to discover the story of the Westbury Faery. Do you have a theory that answers the question: Who is the Westbury Faery and what is her story?

They are looking for flash fiction from 100-500 words, or short fiction from 1,500 to 3,000 words. The plan is to collect 20 of the top 100 shortlisted stories into a beautiful illustrated book to be published in 2017. I don’t have information regarding contributor copies or pay yet, but consider this more of a market for world-building, rather than a pang market for now,

Deadline is end of February, 2017!

Check out the Literarium market listing here:

Monday Markets – Letters to Octavia Butler – January 8, 2017 (via @12thplanetpress)

After 12th Planet Press’s success with their publication ‘Letters to Tiptree‘, they’re now open to letters to (Octavia) Butler:

[I]n recognition of Butler’s enormous influence on speculative fiction, and African-American literature more generally, Twelfth Planet Press is publishing a selection of letters and essays written by science fiction and fantasy’s writers, editors, critics and fans.

They’re paying 5 US cents per word from letters between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Deadline is 8th of January, 2017.

Literarium link is here:

Monday Markets – Story Quest 2016 Competition (via @SQ_Mag)

SQ Mag is opening their 2016 Story Quest competition, with the theme ‘Growth’:

What is it that denotes life? What do we yearn for in our favourite narratives, when we see how our favourite character could achieve their dreams if only they might extended themselves, shift and change. We thought it apt to look at stories of growth. It may be literal growth, a coming of age story; a metaphysical or spiritual growth. It may be the stretch, the reach for more. Make it an undeniable story of life.

Prizes are $100 for 1st place, then $50 and $25 for 2nd and 3rd. All winners also receive a regular token SQ paymeny of $15. Entries are open until November 30 so get writing/submitting! They’re after short speculative fiction between 1,000 and 5,000 words.

Literarium market listing:

Monday Markets – The Lane of Unusual Traders – Stage 3 (via @TinyOwlWorkshop)

The Lane of Unusual Traders is open again for Stage 3! Disclosure: I’ve been involved with Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this shared world project, and am a huge fan, but I’m not judging or working behind the scenes for stage 3. For stage 3, Terry Whidborn has once again crafted a beautiful map, this time of an underground section of the world of Midlfell.

The idea behund the Lane is to select a lot on the provided map and tell a story about the shop or building or memory on that site. There is lots of information to help you navigate the world, including a prologue and a few existing published stories from the first and second stages of the project.

In addition to this, during the submission period (which ends Feb 28, 2017), Tiny Owl Workshop will be releasing new stories to activate your brain meats.

The Lane of Unusual Traders is a world building project. The aim is to bring The Lane, the City of Lind and the world of Midlfell into existence through stories, illustrations, music and whatever other creative means present themselves as the world grows. The project began with the release of Stage 1 in 2014. Now The Lane is open once more so Tiny Owl Workshop can look for new stories to help bring the world of Midlfell to life.

They’re paying $60 AUD for flash fiction up to 500 words, and a flat rate of $180 AUD for short fiction from 1,500 to 3,000 words.

Check out the Literarium market listing here:–stage-3